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10000 Icons' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
10000 Icons

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1 colourbar & 92 icons. [06 Feb 2007|06:32pm]

a whole shitload of icons. 92, to be exact,
and one lovely colourbar, if i do say so
myself. here's the lineup:

01 rosario dawson colourbar

03 cars (movie)
01 courtney love
02 glenn danzig (in his misfits days, sorry danzig & samhain fans)
04 ewan mcgregor
04 guns n' roses
01 hanoi rocks
01 stiv bators
01 michael monroe
01 stiv bators & michael monroe
15 horrors (great band, check 'em out!)
01 idina menzel
01 james dean
01 jonny lee miller
04 miscellaneous
09 producers ('05)
06 spy vs. spy (mad tv)
03 stewart (or is it stuart?) (mad tv)
01 family guy quote
02 mad tv "stewart" (stuart?) quotes
04 rent quotes
03 misfits "she" lyrics
01 fall out boy "sophomore slump..." lyrics
04 trainspotting quotes
01 trainspotting
02 x-men
03 shanna the she-devil
07 x-statix
06 zooey deschanel

(sorry it's so long.)

enjoy!Collapse )
39 While The Getting's Good.

:O [27 Jan 2007|07:55pm]

finallyyy! some icons!
the table's a tad messed up...
there's no #27. so 34 icons &
one colourbar in all.

plus, i fianlly made those vince
neil & sebastian bach icons i

up next... maybe some colourbars,
trainspotting icons, stiv bators,
bebe buell & text icons.

1 trainspotting colourbar.

7 casualties.
3 david bowie.
1 debbie harry.
3 lou reed.
1 lou reed & david bowie.
1 lou reed, david bowie & iggy pop.
3 motley crue.
1 vince neil & sebastian bach.
3 "punx not dead" text icons.
4 sebastian bach.
3 social distortion.
1 stiv bators & bebe buell.
2 unseen.


34 & a colourbar.Collapse )
30 While The Getting's Good.

[07 Nov 2006|08:23pm]

icons ! finally !
33 of them, to be precise.
and there are a lot of black
and white ones in this set,
so if you like black and white
icons you're in luck. and now,
the list.

4 Anti-Flag
4 Brothers of the Head (if anyone
has any information about this film,
please tell me ! i'd love to know.)
4 Cute Is What We Aim For
4 No Doubt
8 Sex Pistols/Sid and Nancy (the real
Sid and Nancy, not Gary Oldman and Chloe
4 Social Distortion
5 Trainspotting (mostly Renton)

Coming up... I'm still working on those
Vince Neil & Sebastian Bach ones, but I
wanted to put this set up before it got
too much for me to load all up onto the
icon table generator. I'm also going to
do some Misfits ones if I can find any
good pictures ! (Ahem, ahem. Misfits pics
would be nicccee, thanks.)

warning: there is one cuss word behind the
cut. be forewarned !


hallelujah. thar they be.Collapse )
13 While The Getting's Good.

[24 Oct 2006|06:16pm]

[ mood | Angry. Akhdhfhdgk. ]

okay, sorry i haven't been
making a whole lot of icons
lately, but i've got those
social distortion ones done.
also in the next batch, look
out for sebastian bach, vince
neil, no doubt, frank sinatra
and cute is what we aim for.
and i swear i'm doing them
this time ! :]]

3 While The Getting's Good.

[23 Oct 2006|02:10am]

[ mood | Pretty Good. ]

something like 26
icons i got for ya
today. they include:

KISS, marc bolan, jemina
pearl & be your own pet,
donovan, the hives, the
mars volta and some random
text icons.


cum on feel the noize.Collapse )

6 While The Getting's Good.

[30 Sep 2006|05:36pm]

[ mood | Kind of annoyed. ]

finally !
A new icon set. I know. You've all been waiting. Hehe. Well, here they are. I'm rather happy with some of these so feel free to take however many you wanttt !

Stay tuned for Social Distortion, Vince Neil, Sebastian Bach, Cute Is What We Aim For and Frank Sinatra. :]]

19 Courtney Love
1 Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love
1 Kurt
5 hellogoodbye


oceans of angels, oceans of starsCollapse )

10 While The Getting's Good.

[12 Sep 2006|07:59pm]

[ mood | Outstanding! I like that word. ]

Hey, guys! I'm finally working on a new icon set. This one will include the luffly band Hellogoodbye and I don't know what else yet. If you guys want any icons made, leave a comment here. I'll do 'em fer sure. Just letting you know I'm back! For the new school year. See yah aroundddd.

6 While The Getting's Good.

[18 Jul 2006|02:46pm]

15 Cure icons. All of them are of Simon Gallup and Robert Smith. Because I found a r0xing site with a million Cure pics and I fell in love with the internet all over again.


I kissed you in the water....Collapse )
12 While The Getting's Good.

[13 Jul 2006|01:52pm]

Les icons. And banners. For userinfos and such.

12 Nirvana (some feature Courtney Love and Frances Bean)
21 Stock (including Linda McCartney's photography and various dogs)
3 Nirvana Banners


Pick up that guitar and talk to me!Collapse )
12 While The Getting's Good.

[11 Jul 2006|01:01pm]

A pretty random icon post of 24. =)

4 Beatles (2 Were entered in a contest at beatles_graphic)
4 Hanoi Rocks
2 Rachel Bilson (Entered in a contest at celeb_iicontest)
6 Twiggy
2 Iman
4 Other fashion (Including Rosario Dawson and Tyra Banks)
1 Fall Out Boy (Entered in a contest at fobicontest)
1 Bob Marley


Some say that's where man began....Collapse )
8 While The Getting's Good.

[09 Jul 2006|03:48pm]

A teensy promotion for my new all-graphics, all-fandom community.

An elite new community for all kinds of graphics (not just elephants)! We will have weekly contests, but first you have to be accepted! Join littleelephants today!
While The Getting's Good.

[09 Jul 2006|12:38pm]

I made 20 very silly icons.

8 Guns N' Roses
7 Motley Crue
5 Poison

Ahh, it's good to be back on my own turf.

I'm also working on a BIG project, so stay tuned!


Oh, the lengths that I will go toCollapse )
30 While The Getting's Good.

[08 Jul 2006|04:06pm]

8 Courtney Love
15 Stock - Fireworks, Le Tour Eiffel (Paris), L'Arc De Triomphe (Paris), Big Ben (London), Some castle in Scotland The Sphinx & Pyramids (Egypt) and Surfing
12 Beach Boys Text icons


That's where we wanna goCollapse )
9 While The Getting's Good.

[06 Jul 2006|09:36pm]

20 Music lyric icons. The Beatles, The Chords, Hanoi Rocks, Jason Mraz, Journey, Poison, Patsy Cline, The Matches and Chuck Berry. Yeah. So there's something for everyone in there.

I totally ripped this idea off from keepyourguns. If you want to see her Dane Cook ones, go to backseatcons.


FAAAME... makes a man take things overrr....Collapse )
9 While The Getting's Good.

[06 Jul 2006|01:55pm]

23 icons today.

13 Audrey Hepburn
10 Beatles (a lot of John, for you Lennon fans)


Ma'am, are you trying to molest me via drive-thru?Collapse )
11 While The Getting's Good.

[05 Jul 2006|04:27pm]

3 Patrick Stump icons
13 Peter Wentz icons


You're my shooting star.Collapse )
15 While The Getting's Good.

[02 Jul 2006|02:14pm]

22 stock icons
Sunflowers, clouds, road signs, cowboys & their boots, cinnamon buns, et cetera.


You could have it all, my empire of dirtCollapse )
12 While The Getting's Good.

[30 Jun 2006|02:21pm]

Twenty-five icons, one friends only banner and two colourbars.

11 icons from The Raconteurs' second "Steady, As She Goes" video.
6 icons of Terry Beatty's comic art.
8 Stock icons.

1 Michael Monroe "Friends Only" banner.

2 Raconteurs colourbars.


Shine until tomorrow.Collapse )
9 While The Getting's Good.

[28 Jun 2006|09:53pm]

23 Iconssss!

2x Courtney Love
2x Kurtney (Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain)
3x Gwen Stefani
4x Hanoi Rocks
5x Guns n' Roses
4x Tank Girl
3x Text/T-shirt icons


We'll search for tomorrow on every shoreCollapse )
29 While The Getting's Good.

[26 Jun 2006|05:12pm]

25 icons of various things.

7 Gorillaz icons from caps I made of the "Dirty Harry" video. Greatly 2D dominated.
4 Michael Monroe
3 Tank Girl
1 A Jamie Hewlett drawing of Death of The Endless (Sandman Comics, Vertigo)
9 Courtney Love, most are from caps of Hole's "Celebrity Skin" music video.
1 Beatles


He's no sex symbol... he's too busy changing his ringtone.Collapse )
7 While The Getting's Good.

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